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What are things you should not say to a pregnant woman?

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Your belly is so small and damn.. it came from another pregnant woman. "Hello! I am wearing a loose clothing!" Then at a pregnancy talk, the doctor mentioned that it will be a fact that when a mommy is slightly bigger size, her baby will be on the heavier scale as well. I am not trying to abash any mommies because we are all beautiful and we should look out for and empower our own kind. However, coming from another pregnant woman, the term "fat mommy fat baby" from the talk just suit her. 😠

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2y ago

Wah... I also have a friend who told me no need this, no need that but hey, please don't impose your values on me and dismiss all the efforts for what I have done for myself. In fact, all mommies or mommies-to-be, even dads-to-be, went through the stages of reading or researching for their newborn; we then decide which information we wish to keep and throw and all these becomes our personal encyclopedia where we apply to our future children. I went through it, you went through it too, so do not dismiss what we have done for ourselves. Empower other women instead!