They say we should not be keep things to ourselves

Comment below what is one thing you've been unhappy about the last week ? Tip: You can turn on the anonymous feature.

They say we should not be keep things to ourselves
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I've been very frustrated sa taong pina utang ko kasi be may tiwala ako. But has let me down everyday in the past two weeks for the consistency of Alibis. Ako na nga itong Buntis 6 months, Hubby ko nasa Bicutan jail for 5months now. Alam mg taong to ang aitwasyon ko, pero dahil after a week ko pa gagamitin yong pera bayad ng condo. p Pinahiram ko. Ngayon nag iasue xa ng check direct sa Bldg. after 3days bounce check. Walang sinabi sakin nasira toloy ako at nanganganib palayasin na.

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That I got Shingles.. and the antiviral meds is expensive.. Sayang pa yun pandagdag sana para kay Baby.. 😔 But I am well taken care of my Hubby and that makes me comfortable and STILL HAPPY AND BLESSED..🥰

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I am one month married. Thursday night last week was the first night I ate alone for dinner and didn't feel so right. I'm used to eat with someone of company especially my husband.

working under a boss who doesn't know how to manage the team sucks. No vision, no goals, wonder if I should just quit

My kids fought multiple times during the day 😪

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Unhappy about people who take thing for granted!

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When the hubs forgot to wash the dishes😜

When will people admit their mistakes

Wish I had more free time to myself

Having to please my in laws