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What are things you should not say to a pregnant woman?

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She's ugly. Sakit kaya

Why your tummy is too small. Ate you not getting enough food? You look like so weak,don't go outside in this condition. Well why j should not go outside with big bump? Why so narrow minded people is in this world?? It means if you pregnant you can not go any where?

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Any bad words

As husband: "shot lng kami" As friend: "parang busog ka lng, buntis kba talaga?"

"Hindi man akin yan"

Why is your tummy small?

'humpty dumpty' 'fatty' 'lazy' 'pregnant only what' 'bump so small. sure or not 9 months pregnant. more like 5months ' 🙄🙄🙄

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your nose is getting bigger! medyo nakakainis yan.. 😅

i miss ur old body ... u are now look like an elephant ... and ur face is not glowing at all , u will be FAT

Tagay lang kami