What's one thing that your child does that drives you nuts?

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Every time my 3-year old son shows off his sensational dance moves anywhere, as in anywhere! He even loves doing it in public. I have no problems with it as I find him so cute! It's how he does his 'super sensational' dance moves that drives crazy and all the other people that see him. LOL

My toddler's imaginary friends. haha andami nila and he would talk to them everyday as if they're really part of the family. I find myself laughing nlng at times. He's so cute and adorable with his imaginary friends and make-believe stories.

When my little girl asks me for food, like for example, banana. I'll get her a banana and once I peeled it, she'll refuse to eat it or even take a single bite. It also drives me nuts when she put on my lipstick or make up! hehe

When she asks for something but she wasn't able to get it and she'll just cry so loud

Pag nag poo poo habang nag ma-mall. Sobrang hassle.