What's the best trait that your child got from you?

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As early as now, I can see that my youngest is very much independent at the age of 1. She's not like the usual 1-yo who would cry or be clingy all the time. She tries to figure out things on her own in her own baby ways, and nakakatuwa tingnan that she's growing up like me. I am also not dependent on other people. We also both manifest a strong personality.

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My son got my PR skills. haha He's so fond of talking to people and he's not really shy even if he just met them for the first time. He's also fond of showing his dancing and singing skills in public. He's just too bubbly and he loves to be with people.

I think the best trait that my little girl got from me was being friendly. She loves making friends whenever I bring her to playgrounds. Plus, she's very cheerful and bubbly. The way she talks is very energetic and jolly. :)

If I had to say just one thing, probably my big, goofy (but highly loveable) smile! Whenever I see my daughter smile, my day brightens and not to sound conceded, but it reminds me of my own!

I love seeing my daughter smile to everyone in public. She's just so much like me: friendly and jolly!

Saying i love u everyday..