Boy or girl?

What are the tell tale signs that you mummies believe in to guess if it is a baby girl or boy? I am still active, no morn sickness. Still able to go to work and no picky for food. Some say by looking at my tummy, it's a girl. But some say it's a boy because I'm still strong hahahaha! Anyone can ease my mind? I got a feeling it is a boy though! ? Gender reveal is next wk so I really cannot wait. ?

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Hii.. I have morning sickness from 4 week until 12 week. I also like to eat meat... And my baby is boy. 😊

I was the same. No symptoms throughout except growing tummy. As predicted, I'm having a boy! :)

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Your symptoms are same as me.. I had a girl.. But when people look at me, they thought I had a boy.

3y ago

Thats why its confusing! Hahahaha i shall wait!

Excited for you hahah all the best! Girl Boy also good as long as healthy :D

I guess might be a boy.. i also dont hav morning sickness n mine is a boy..

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Some people say if you like to eat sour mango or food, then baby might be a boy!

3y ago

I think i can eat anything! Hahahaha i shall wait for the reveal hehe

If you have nausea post first trimester, then girl, else boy :)

enjoy this period ! boy or girl its just the same fun and happiness.

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Mine will be revealed next week too! Feeling excited! 😀

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Ur symptoms looks like boy .. as I am same like u , n I HD a boy

3y ago

Thats nice to know, thanks dear!