Baby fair this week friday to Sunday

What are some of the best deals I can get? I'm 34 weeks pregnant now? Anything to look for?

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I feel for now is cot, haakaa (b/f can help you catch your milk at another breast), pump if you want to over supply or not b/fing.. Milk bottles in case you not around.. Milk storage bags just in case you are over supplied.. Errm lactation cookies (heard is to help lactating sooner and more..) supplement is legendairy milk (most rec them ♥️♥️) then yourself is some pillows because you really gonna suffer the next few weeks (i suffered..) for baby is swaddles clothes bibs their napkins diapers.. Think thats about it.. Have fun at the fair 💪

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I think you should have a baby essentials list ready and get those items on it for your baby. I will shop for and prepare for baby items up to 3 months old cos I think it’ll be hectic after birth and I won’t want to bring baby out before 3 months when not fully vaccinated, so I may not have time or mood for online shopping or going to the mall to shop for long hours might be hard, especially if breastfeeding.

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2y ago

This is what I managed to get from googling “baby essentials checklist for new mums”

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If you are able to go early and are willing to queue, sign up for all the free stuff like goodie bag, diapers, etc. I find that fairs are good for physically seeing and touching things you want to consider buying. Most of baby fair prices can be found when you buy the items online too:)

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I like to see stroller and car seat. And usually a lot of sample and freebies! Do register!

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Amazon all the way! So much more convenient

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Strollers, cot and feeding ☺️