What solid do you give to your 7mos old? Any recipe?

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Hi, Since we introduce solids only by six months to the baby, it is advisable to go slow in introducing new things. For now, you can start giving him khichdi, porridge, mashed potato, banana. You can even give nicely boiled yellow dal, which is light on stomach and easy to digest. Khicadi you can make from all light dals, like yellow dals that are easy to digest. Mix little rice with dal, wash them together. Warm little ghee in the cooker, add jeera (cumin seeds), pinch of haldi (asafoetida), salt and add dal and rice. Saute for a few minutes and add water according to measure. Give tow or three whistles and the khichdi would be done. Open it and see whether it is completely boiled and mashed or not else, let it cook for some more time. It is not only healthy and nutritious but filling too.

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I am sharing a few links with you, you can go through them and pick up any recipe that you would like to introduce to your child. Also, make sure to feed as much as possible home coked food to your baby. Food items in market are full with preservatives and not good. Also, make juices, soups at home than giving packed ones. http://www.healthline.com/health/childrens-health/homemade-baby-food-recipes http://www.shishuworld.com/recipes-7to9/ http://homemade-baby-food-recipes.com/6-to-9-month-baby/

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Thanks for this!

At 7 months, you can now feed her boiled egg. 1/8 of a whole egg can now be served and don't forget to mash it. If you have breastmilk, you can add on it.

Rice Porridge or Lugaw with Egg will do. Easy to cook and no need for fancy ingredients. No salt and pepper yet for a 7 month old baby.