what snack do you usually give to your toddlers?

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My toddler loves bread with peanut butter, oatmeal cookies and oatmeal. We also serve fruit slices during snack time sometimes. For the drinks, yogurt drink or dutch mill.

I usually prepare food rather buying ready-to-eat ones. For morning snack, i just prepare fresh fruits for my 4 y/o. In the afternoon, I usually give her sandwiches.

For snacks, I usually give them oatmeal, cookies, fruits (their favorites are banana, apple, pear), pastries. They love soya or chocolate drinks for the beverage.

Morning snack is composed of the following: Milk Fruits (banana or apple) Cookies Afternoon snack is: Milk Small sandwiches (egg, tuna, or cheese)

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My nieces usually have any of the following for their snacks: Fruits (banana and strawberry) Yogurt Bread Oatmeal (with fruits) Porridge

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My toddler's usual snacks are fruits.. We introduced her to a variety of fruits early and now, she prefers eating that over sweets. ☺️

I will cook arroz caldo, sopas or pancit because we're training our child to eat homecooked meals and avoid fast food and junk food.

my baby loves banana, wafers, cookies and bread. and she'll always ask for water after she finishes any :)

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Oatmeal or Cereals Pag ayaw naman ni baby. Biscuit naman☺️

Biscuits, tsamporado, taho, bread, hard boiled egg.