What skill do you have as a mom that YOU feel makes you a 'good' mother?

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Hmmmm..... i must say the exceptional ability to be patient, firm and loving simultaneously. The ability to understand and educate your child when tantrums starts and when its the acceptable age to start the spank/disciplining when you think its time. And when you feel you are impatient dealing with your children, always soul search and tell yourself that you are doing this to educate your little child to grow into a well-mannered individual.

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Can I comment about my mum instead? I think her high level of patience makes her an awesome mother. She is able to put up with all sorts of nonsense my siblings and I throw her way. Able to keep her cool when we said/did something that disappointed/angered her. Ever so encouraging and positive in trying to motivate and teach us. Her patience (and tolerance) is a skill I wish I possessed....

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Multi tasking, do everything. I m a working mother of 1. I cook, clean house. I wont say that i m a super women. I love my family so much that i put them first priority. Yes indeed it's tiring. I may not be a best mom. But i will try my best to give the very best to my family.

Able to know kids cues and multi tasking. Patience! (Which i did not have as a mum and woman) Positivity in everything, even when her world crumbles down on her.

Multi-tasking! And doing things fast! Patience is also a great help.