Single mum labour

Hello single mummies out there, how was your birth/ labour like? Did a family member such as mum accompany you? I don’t have a close relation with my mum, and I do feel awkward with her. I feel like going through the whole birth session alone. Is that recommended? TIA!

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I did it all alone even though I have a husband. From the registration, admitting myself, delivery suite and going in to the ops room. (csect btw) We argued days before so I told him that he doesnt need to come as I will be resting after the ops. He said that even if he was there, he couldnt do anything. Well, there is a thing that you can do. Its called 'BEING THERE'. Idiotic I know. Nurses & Doctors will be there to help you as much as they could. They wont see ur status whether single or married. I can still vividly remember a surgeon was holding my shoulder telling me that I am doing great, when I think he saw tears rolling down my cheek midway during the ops.

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3y ago

You’re really brave! 😊 I hope everything have been well for you now.

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I went alone , I was 18 then . was having strong braxton Hicks for the last month and I thought it was another regular day until I started bleeding and started feeling cramps , so I went down to kkh alone only to realise I was 6-7cm dilated , but when I was in the labor room I actually hoped that I had asked my close Friend or my mom to be with me even tho I feel awkward with my mom being around , but whatever that is comfortable for u ! All the best !

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3y ago

Thanks for your words! All the best to youuu tooo!

I was 15 when I gave birth. Wasn't on talking terms with my mum but the moment I felt contractions, she's the only one that I want with me in labor room.

3y ago

That is nice to hear! Hoping I would come to a conclusion of wanting her or at least someone in the labour ward with me....

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I was comfort being alone during labour. But i turn out to have a emergency c sec, no one else was allowed to be in the operating theatre also.

Whatever Make u feel comfortable! Always Remember u r very strong to take up anything. So just go for it! All the best

i was 21 when i gave birth to my son .. my family were all waiting anxiously . no one was in e labour ward with me ..

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If have a close friend, maybe can get your friend to accompany you to give u encouragement during labour.

Whichever that make you feel comfortable with... call some of your close friends to be there with you...

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If you feel comfortable alone then do it alone. If not you can get your close friend to accompany you

Hi, It is best to go ahead with what you feel is comfortable for you