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Have anyone of you ever feel that your MIL has no respect towards you as baby’s mum? How do you deal with that?

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If I can tahan, I keep quiet and smile. Cannot tahan, I keep quiet then I complain to my husband. He will find his own ways to speak up if the same thing happens when he’s around. Nothing much you can do when it comes to in-laws. Only can tahan till you move out.

7mo ago

Smtimes i don’t even voice out to hb coz will tend to argue. We not staying with them, waiting for flat right now

Most MILs are the same. I have one too. she needs only money. Not helping us or not caring about me or my kids. Only she likes her son. But there are some MIL who treat daughter in law like her mother.

ignore 🤨 seriously I do not communicate with in-law, only hi bye whatever they comment don't really matters to me

Discuss with my husband and find the best way to talk in a transparent manner with my MIL


I just remain silent, will move out when I can


I'll choose to ignore then tell my husband