What was the BEST gift you were given as a new mum?

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The best gift I received was as a new mum was that I learned to appreciate and love my mum more and our relationship became even closer than before. I didn't engaged a confinement lady as I wanted to save money. My mum helped me with the confinement. I was overwhelmed with the new human being, feeling lost and all. My mum was the person who was encouraging me and supporting me. She not only taking care of the baby, she took good care of me too. Throughout the confinement month, she literally 'worked' 24/7. At her age, not sleeping well caused her to have headaches and dizziness on and off. My heart ached. After being a new mum myself, I truly felt mum's love is the greatest!

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Adoration from my partner after successfully popping out his baby, a love letter maybe? Haha but I would probably love some quiet time to catch up on sleep haha. As for tangible gifts, anything beauty related would be great. I'd imagine giving birth and being a new mom would not be all rainbows and butterflies and a massage or hair treatment would be awesome when I do get some time off mommy duties.

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my best gift i received was my mother quitted her job and help me to do confinent at home. Thereafter, she did helped me over some nights to take care of my girl so that i can sleep and rest more to boost my milk supply. It really aims alot if not i would have suffered from depression and totally tired out. this is really e best gift i received till now. its priceless!

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Best gift given is the born of my son! Actually I have a lot of friends who try many years without having kids thus they are so envy of me having such a cute son to make my day happy! After being a mum, a lot of sacrifice is unavoidable because my son become my priority in everything! As my son is unplanned so he is a surprise 'gift' given to me by God I believe so

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The best gifts.😊 that were given were flowersfrom my colleagues, family to welcome the new member of the clan&family support on the first few weeks since Iwas still recovering from cesarean operation &I dont know yet how to bathe the baby on my own.I feel so blessed that my sister is a nurse.

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I've received spa and Sephora vouchers but the best would be my sister relieving me of my mummy duties to go and sleep! Bestest gift ever. Although she wasn't aware, it was something I was so ever grateful for because I was becoming moody and frustrated and negative thoughts were starting to fill in.

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The best gift I have received was the help and assistance from my parents in law. During the first three months when baby dont sleep in the middle of the night, I was so tired and frusfrated. At this crucial time, my parents in law stepped in to help. This is the best gift ever from them so far.

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Absolutely agreed to you Ng..

I was told that my FIL was planning to give gold coin to me, but as soon as he got to know that its a baby girl, he dropped the idea. ;p We do not have the tradition of people gifting the new mum, so the best gift I could get was a healthy baby. :)

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I have some crazy nutcase and totally annoying friends back in India whom I adore a lot and they bought a customized outfit - a pant and a top which had the wordings " Congratulations Sexy Momma" And they also pampered the little fellow with loads of gifts.

Ropa para el bebé, juguetes pero el regalo que más me sorprendió fue un porteo que desde hace tiempo he estado viendo, comparto el link por si alguna mami le gustaría que se lo regalarán como a mi 🙈🙈 https://jyoko.com/es/porteo