What's the hardest part of life just because you're a Filipino parent?

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I think the hardest part is that your in-laws expect you to be the perfect mom for their grandson. Sometimes I feel that the pressure is too much and they make me feel that I am not doing my best as a mom. They also expect you to bring their grandson/granddaughter to them every weekends, but sometimes I want to spend quality time only with my own family. So I guess these are the challenges I face because of the close family ties in the Philippine setting.

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I guess letting our kids be independent. In other countries, when the kids finish high school, they're off to go. Whilst here in our country, even if one has already graduated college, he/she still lives under the parent's sleeves. Pinoy parents don't really mean to think our kids aren't independent enough, more often than not, it's the separation anxiety that gets the best of us.

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I think it's also the influence of extended family. Close family ties is a double-edged sword, especially for those living with their in-laws. While it's great that we always have extra hands to help with the care of our children, there's also always the tendency to meddle especially when it comes to child-rearing.

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May mga traditional pa din na mga matatanda na ang tingin sa mga English speaking na mga bata ay hindi magagalang kase hindi gumagamit ng po at opo sa kanilang pananalita. Sad but that's true, it still happens sa panahon ngayon.

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I agree 👍

Same with Dazzle, for me it's also the influence of extended family. Both sides of the family always have a comment/suggestion on how to raise our kid. Sometimes, the elders feel bad if we don't follow their suggestions.

For me, dealing with the grand-parents of my kids. We actually want to raise our kids "our way", but sometimes, our parents intervene and dictates what should do and mostly the old way.

i agree. i am also having a hard time dealing with my in laws. they keep on telling what should i do and not do for my baby. i dont know how to confront them without hurting their feelings.

Sometimes its keeping with seemingly old but valuable traditions that the modern/more liberal people won't understand.

Ensuring that Filipino values and traditions are instilled in my children.

Being accused of being too traditional or old fashioned.