What are the parenting superstitions your grandparents believed in that you as parent practice as well?

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Picking a good name -- my grandparents and the generations before them believed that if the name chosen for the child is not appropriate, the child will not grow up "right" -- for example, a child grows up always sick because his parents supposedly gave him the wrong name. The moment his name is changed, he gets better. Do I fully believe in this -- No. But psychologically, a child's name has a heavy bearing on his life as it is something that follows his throughout his life. My interpretation of this is that if you pick a name that is too outlandish or weird for the sake of trends, the child will have to deal with the consequences. I've cousins who have really "interesting" names which they hated. They gave themselves nicknames in school because no one could pronounce their names and everyone was always making fun of them. Really did a number on their confidence and self worth. What made it worst, their parents who bestowed them the name, would also use a nickname instead of the child's real name.

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My grandma used to make tiny bags filled with "sharp items" like safety pins, a foldable scissors and dried chillis. She would then place these bags near where baby sleeps (but not too close in case baby grabs at it). It could be tucked inside a soft toy or simply at the corner of the crib. Old people in my culture believe that this will ward off evil spirits or entities that prey on young babies. She also made my mom carry the same pouch when she was pregnant for the same reason. If my mom wants to do the same for me and my babies, I'll be okay with it. I'm quite superstitious and when it comes to baby, best to be safe than sorry.

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This bangle is made of coconut husk and it is believed that it will ward off evil spirits. Chinese also believe that the bangle protects from harm, and will break or chip as it takes the brunt of a possible fall or injury. My siblings and I wore this when we were young and now my kids are wearing it too.

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haha.. my cousin tells her daughter to finish up her food in her plate, otherwise that will be how her future hubby will look like. Just one of the things she tries so as to get my niece to eat more. haha.. i doubt my niece believes.. children these days are very smart.

We did the 4-month ceremony wherein my baby picked between a calculator, a book, food, and money. Supposedly, whichever she chooses will be her "path" in life. My daughter picked money!!!

When my girls are sleeping , I'll tell softly to my girls that I'm going carry to another place so that their ' soul ' will follow

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Wear a black thread around her wrist to ward off the evil eye ;)