What is the most memorable lesson that you have learnt from your father?

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2things... books are your best friends. if a person can read well, that person can accomplish anything. such a person is most learned and empathetic. 2nd... we all need people in our lives always. humans are created to communicate, not isolate. never allow money to ruin good relationship. loose the money but never a relationship. however bad a person has treated u, one day they will come back to u becoz at that only u can give them something that the world didn't give to them. wait for that day. it's the circle of life. one day they will come to you. I learnt these life lessons. I treasure them even today and see the truthfulness of it even now, though my dad passed away 16 years ago.

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Two of my lessons are exactly the same as Nita. 1) You can never feel lonely as long as you have a good book with you. 2) At the end of the day, you need a good friend to share your happiness about that book you just read :) 3) Be gentle to people. Everyone has their own set of problems to deal with. 4) Smile. That solves half of your problems. 5) Exercise. It pumps up your day and you feel connected to your inner self. My father passed away 5 years ago. Even today I think of what he'd be doing in my situation and act accordingly.

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To keep pushing forward in life, keep on trying for your goals, and never giving up even after you've failed. My late father reassured me during the toughest times of my life that giving up is the same as never starting, and when we fail we can start again but with even more knowledge than before. "The mind is gold," he constantly reminds me. Our biggest fears are usually fractures of illusions that limits our vision to seek higher ground for ourselves. Keep moving forward and never give up, use your mind of gold to grow your soul.

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Always a loving dad to us even though he has some flaws. I am sorry I didn’t get a chance to tell him how much I love him!!

1.Don’t afraid anyone, except Allah. 2. Always believe in yourself, u can do anything if you want. 3. Never lie.

To be a responsible parent because he wasnt. I dont want my children to experience what I went through

Filial piety actually. And to always be grateful for what you have and remember where you came from.

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Always being so patient in teaching me math and physics, he helped me build a solid foundation


I can do anything that I set my mind to do and that being independent has a lot of merit