cutest things your kid has said

What’s the most adorable thing your kid has said?

cutest things your kid has said
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MY cutie is jst (18mths ++) But her BABY TALKS daily makes my heart MELTS especially when she COMES CLOSE TO ME & KISS ME ON MY LIPS & SAY (AMMA MA MA) oohhhhh tat brings tears to my eyes

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gal: mummy u smell good and i feel comfortable in your hugs. me: thank you i just bathe of course i smell good. let me hug to sleep again. gal: yeah n i am going to have sweet dreams

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my baby havent start to talk yet bc only 3months old but every morning i would say 'goodmorning baby' and she would respond to it as if shes talking and answering me 😭😭😭

Everytime he sees a pretty girl on tv my five year old son will proclaim out loud: "My mama is prettier" 😂😂I mean it's a lie, but it's cute!


Mummy yr hair so nice. Wen my hair like kena electric. Another say I love u mummy everyday.


"I want to live with you forever and ever!" both cute and terrifying all at once!! 🤣🤣

me: goodnight sweetie, have beautiful dreams! my baby: yes Mumma, I dream about you!

I don't want papa to grow old. Asked me to carry her and told me Papa, I love you.

“Mummy, I don’t want u to grow old, I just love u at this height”

When he started saying things that shouldn't be said in public.