Embarrassing Moments

Share the most embarrassing thing your kid said out loud in public.

Embarrassing Moments
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when my 3year old son blurted out sanitary pad as mummy pampers and was loudly saying "ma this one your pampers right"!! and yes there were ppl around us🤭🤭🤦‍♀️

We were out for dinner with our kid. And when she saw the boy at the next table, she said loudly, “Mummy, he’s not eating his vegetable!” 🤦🏼‍♀️

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We went to movie n he just got bad smell n he says daddy someone farted louder .. n it’s disgusting 😋

Daddy "I want to poo poo shh shh hahaha" then gave a cheeky smile when we were in a restaurant

“Mummy I want to go poo poo” She said that at a hotel restaurant 🤦🏻‍♀️

“Auntie, this LOL toy you selling is fake”

I finished my poop in a restaurant haha 😅

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Mommy why is she wearing clothes like that

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NEH NEH NEH NEH When she wants to latch.

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Daddy I just poo ....... In the cinema