What level vacuum do you use on the spectra? Do you ever use the massage function? How many minutes do you use it for?

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Use the Massage function to elicit a letdown. Once you have a letdown, switch to Vacuum function at the appropriate suction power. Once your flow has died down again, switch back to Massage function to elicit a second letdown. Do note that subsequent letdowns may take a longer time to elicit. Switch to Vacuum again to drain the milk from breast. P.S. Turning on Massage function for too long can drain battery power.

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I will use the massage function till there is a letdown before changing to the expression mode. I used level 5 or 6 for expression. It depends on individual, some mummies like it to be stronger and some don't. Iif it is painful, reduce the level, if it is not strong enough then you increase. Use a level that you feel most comfortable at and at the same time able to express the milk.

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5 minutes at least on massage function to stimulate letdown, more if you like, and the remaining 10 to 15 minutes on expression mode. I use level 4 or 5 because it's not recommended to use such a high level (10). The suction might hurt your nipples. While using the pump, do remember to massage your breasts at the same time so you can get more milk.

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I have very sensitive nipples and I would use massage mode all the way as it is more gentle. sometimes i will switch to expression mode when I feel I have more block. I am only using between level 3 to 5.

1 min on massage function and then pump for ten mins. I start at 7 and toggle up to 10 (which is the max on the spectra S9). The massage helps to increase my let down.

I used level 5 for massage and level 6 for expression. Massage function normally i use for 5mins then switch to expression.