What is the most expensive gift you've got for your child?

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Right now, think the most expensive is my time with them. Growing up time is once a lifetime and no money can buy this at all. The bonding time you have with the kids and seeing them growing up in their milestones are the precious moments you can ever experience. If it's in terms of monetary, then I think it would be their insurance policies. These are long term commitments for at least 18-21 years - It's a very huge amount of money.

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The most expensive thing that's really for her is the Sophie the Giraffe teether! I mean, obviously there are more expensive things like appliances and furniture in her room, but in terms of personal items like clothes and toys, Sophie was really the most pricey item that I had to think about before buying. Turns out she hated it!

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I would call it a house. My husband feels that the house we are paying for now isn't for us. Its for the kid's future. They will be staying in this house till they are ready to move out with the love ones. So, HOUSE is the most expensive gift i have gotten for my child.

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I don't have kids yet but I think the most expensive gift I will give my kids is education because that's what my parents gave me and I thankful for it everyday. University education in Singapore is super expensive and I am so grateful to my parents for that.

Insurance costs a bomb in Singapore -yeah, so that. And also a Europe trip - we did A LOT and had great family fun. Memories are things we cannot measure, but the amount of $ spent on that 1 month trip.... woo!

We got our daughter insurance policies. But a recent family trip to London on her request, has been the most expensive "material gift".

We bought our baby an insurance for her college. Next most expensive is a pair of Jordan sneakers since I'm a sneakerhead too,

I bought tricycle for my daughter at 300 SGD. Bearing in mind, I bought in Thailand. It is quite expensive for quality stuff.

Right now, it should be all the insurances that I have bought for her.

We're considering buying him a step 2 car but at 200sgd it's pretty steep!