What is the most awkward conversation you had with your child?

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It wasn't with my kid but rather with one of my friends' kids here in Sweden. The little sweetheart asked me why I looked different from my partner (he's blue eyed, blonde hair) because her mommy and daddy look the same. It was awkward trying to explain race, harder than it sounds. I eventually showed her a youtube video of Disney's Pocahontas (which she loves) and told her that me and my fiance are just like Pocahontas and John Smith. Hahaha.

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There was once my daugther asked me, why men do not need to wear top but women need? I tried to explain to her that is because they feel very hot without thinking much, and she replied I want to take off my top cause I feel hot too! I was shocked and explained to her that girls have 2 private parts and private parts are to be protected and shouldn't let people see.

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Keep telling him that i am here for him 🤭