What are the little conversations you had with your child that made you feel like you were talking to an adult?

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Once I was very sad and my daughter came to me and asked, "Mamma, are you missing grandfather?" I looked at her from my moist eyes, and nodded. She came close to me and hugged me and said, "Mamma, do not be sad. Look up at the sky and see that brightest star over there, that is grandpa. Now, think how sad he will become if he sees you crying?" She was actually holding me like a baby or the way my mom or dad would have comforted me.

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When my 11 year old boy told me that he'll give me all his salary when he already has a job. He told me that I can manage his earnings and just give him allowance. I hope this is true.

My cousin once told me that my 8 y/o nephew said that he will save up money so that he can buy his mom a car so they wouldn't have to ride the MRT (and he hates riding MRT).

aww that is so sweet!