What's the most awkward moment you've had with your in-laws?

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It was when I had to explain that their son had agreed to convert religions in order to marry me. It's not common where they're from -- having to convert religions in order to marry. It was really awkward because no matter how you look at it, religion is really sensitive. They were not against their son's conversion at all just that they were curious and had a lot to ask and I tried to answer the best I can. Although they are not religious at all, to them, a wedding means holding it in a church and a small guest list (of about 80). When we told them we were getting married in a hotel Singapore, with a longer guest list, my in-laws were a little shocked. But all's well for now. We haven't had kids yet and I anticipate more awkward moments from both sides.

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I wasn't expecting my mother-in-law to help with the laundry so I put my sexy french maid lingerie into the laundry basket together with the rest of the clothes. The next thing I realized was the lingerie was ironed, folded and placed nicely on my bed. My mother-in-law did the laundry. It was sweet of her but I couldn't feel more awkward.

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Conversations on finances, religion and child rearing can be most awkward. I find that people can get highly opinionated when it comes to these things and can result in awkward situations. Best to get it out of the way as soon as possible to avoid impending unpleasantries.

lel. When I went over to my first wife's(she's chinese) place for CNY reunion dinner back when she wanted to first introduce me. When I walked in, her mom stared at me in shock and took 2 steps backwards. Took a super long time for them to get over it hahahaha.

Like i didnt exist..at least we are not living under one roof..sometimes i made a call..or video call since i have my son now..to fill an empty awkard moment 😅😅😅but never receive a text or call even a video call 😅😅😅..

Husband and I stayed over for a week. Sister-in-law later called to say we forgot my lingerie on the bed/floor. 😳

Once I have gotten drunk and thrown up in front of them and that was the most awkward moment for me, till now. :P

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