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What irritates you most about your husband? For me it's his addiction to his phone!

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Not all husbands are addicted to phones & games.. I am usually my the one who is setting rules that there should be no looking at phones at the dining table, while at outings (shopping) etc.. but well, it doesn't really help. As for games, wives look at it on a positive side, if your husband is at home playing.. at least he is not out there playing with other women. My wife bought me a PS4 for my birthday 5-6 years back for this mindset of hers.. Not that I play with women.. we do joke about it & we have a strong relationship. Been together for 10 years.. Married for 4.

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Men are like a little kid, they never growth up, instead of yelling or complaining at him, asking him to do something together. My Husband addicted to his video game and phone. But he is still very helpful when I asked for housework. We are living in the high-tech world.. get used it !! Hic hic

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Same as everyone else on this thread it seems, even when he's eating walking showering pooping etc he needs to stare at his phone lol. I'm just afraid he will set bad example for the little ones since we don't intend to let them use technology until a bit older.

only annoying when hubby spending too much time playing online games with my boys instead of letting them complete their HW first ... sigh, boys are still boys right?

He is annoying but I love him. He needs me to tell him what to do if not he will just do nothing. So if I need his help I will just ask and he will do it

TV and game addiction. Always eyes stuck to TV when I ask him to help look after baby, so have to keep nagging him to stop and really focus on baby.

Same! His phone! Sometimes i feel like snatching his phone from him and just throw it away.

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needing to tell him what to do or buy for the baby, else he won't think of it.

I may sound petty, but his snoring!!! Otherwise he is pretty awesome LOL

Every day he will play mobile legend and ignore my messages.