Hi. Just to know how you feel if you catch your husband masturbate with his phone on his hand? 🤮


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Oh my. I hate reading these kind of posts. Cause it reminds me of my husband as well. After 2 years of marriage with a 15-month-old daughter, my husband still watches porn. I’ve caught him many times but he’s still doing it and he doesn’t even apologise. I’m pregnant again with my 2nd, tell me I shouldn’t file for divorce for the safety of my kids in future? We’ve all read about how some disgusting and sick fathers can be towards their own daughters. Do I want it to be THAT late to make a choice? Should I wait for him to change? He doesn’t even want to touch or hold me. Kiss me or even communicate with me. He’s not interested in sex with me at all. Tell me again, how am I supposed to be feeling? We’re married, not like we’re still single. I’m a SAHM for now and what choices do I have? My husband is sick and addicted to porn who doesn’t love, need or want me at all but is still “acting like a husband” because of our daughter, I guess. Husbands are defensive when you catch them red-handed. So be tactful with your words.

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Depending on situation. If my husband ask me for sex when Im heavily pregnant or like now (confinement), I’ll probably ask him to settle it himself. Since I can’t give it to him, I won’t stop him from satisfying his needs as long as he’s not cheating on me. But if I’m all recovered and he didn’t ask me but do it on his own I’ll probably question him.. like hello am I ded to you. I don’t know your situation but maybe you can try to talk to him? Maybe understand from his POV first?

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Super Mum

Oh man that’ll be a sucky feeling. Definitely need to talk to him about it.