What to do if ur husband doesnt help out with taking care if kids ? Does not give any money to buy kids grocery and school fee. Once in awhile will help to vacumme the floor only .. but gives the impression to his parents that he has taking care and helping out and paying for everything and kids . He will only help to carry her sometimes in public becus people around are watching . Basically behind closed door he doesnt care and oy wants to watch tv when he is at home and ignoring everything . Sometimes when we are out he will say in a playful manner and expects me to pay . At night , ive to fork out money to buy dinner for all of us as he comes home late . He does pay for the house sp power and wifi . Each month less than $300 in total and the rest he spend on himself and takes grab everyday thru and forth to work and doesnt wants to give me any allowance. How do i deal with this ?

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Super Mum

Hey mama. You must be really stressed out with the current situation. Try having a good sit down conversation? This is easier said than done I realise but if he avoids it repeatedly the have someone who can be neutral mitigate the situation. Sometimes having a counsellor helps. If he runs away because he’s afraid or doesn’t think it’ll make things better, then it’s probably best you start weighing out the pros and cons of staying. He may want different things from you as people change but it’s not fair to keep you in the dark about it either.

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2y ago

want different things from me such as ? yes agree..