What am i wrong?! I just want more supply what is wrong.. All my family think is no supply nevermind la its ok just fomula.. I am the only one with the baby (husband not around and i dont really like to rely on others abt anything) i want get supplements u all say waste money i want lactation u all also say waste money.. Fomula is expensive thats why i want to boost my milk to lower buy fomula.. U all keep comparing me with mothers that have no milk from the start say its ok some moms have no milk from the start.. Why cnt u all understand the sadness i feel when i see such a pathetic amount coming out of me not even enough to feed the baby.. And u all are not outsiders u all are my parents my sister! Why do u all keep proving to me how much u all dun understand me.. 22 years and this kind of not understanding me shit is still going on.. Do i have to really kill myself so someone can understand me? I have no friends because i am always the second option i have no one to rely on and im tired to always keep a smiley face to everyone.. Im so tired of everything..

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Pls go visit a lactation consultant, they really helps alot :) my lactation consultant (sister Kang from mount A) mentioned that no mothers have no milk often my. Unless premature babies. Oftenly is they latch wrongly or did wrong thing that makes their milk supply stuck or not flowing enough. Breast milk is not just to save money but also is a better source of nutrients and anti biotic for baby. Don’t give up! Ive been there.. as a first time mum, I gave birth to my baby boy 28 days back . First few days I can’t seems to squeeze out colostrum . And baby latch wrongly hence my nipple v pain and swollen. I spam nipple cream but still no use. All my family members ask me to give up and give formula. After discharge, I go back and latch but nipple swell and peel off skin. So painful after each feed! It seems that baby always have not enough milk hence my family (husband and mother) always ask me to give formula . I keep explaining that he Nd to suck to get my milk flow start, but they want me to stop. After that my breast start to engorge badly. I cannot take it and managed to book sister Kang for an appointment. She help me to clear my blocked duct and my milk started to spray out. She then recommended me to get the haakaa to catch the let down milk from the other breast. Ever since then I breastfeed my boy Everyday . As he have jaundice , I mix formula (ask my mum to feed when I am sleeping) . Hope by sharing my story u can hang on to what you deem fit! I understand old ppl / ppl who haven’t give birth always think it’s ok to just give baby formul milk to shut him up instead of letting him cry while we try to figure out this breast milk latching and supply issue. When my boy have jaundice, my mum even blame that it’s due to I breastfeed him .Good luck !!

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Ahh.. Can i know agar how much?