What am i wrong?! I just want more supply what is wrong.. All my family think is no supply nevermind la its ok just fomula.. I am the only one with the baby (husband not around and i dont really like to rely on others abt anything) i want get supplements u all say waste money i want lactation u all also say waste money.. Fomula is expensive thats why i want to boost my milk to lower buy fomula.. U all keep comparing me with mothers that have no milk from the start say its ok some moms have no milk from the start.. Why cnt u all understand the sadness i feel when i see such a pathetic amount coming out of me not even enough to feed the baby.. And u all are not outsiders u all are my parents my sister! Why do u all keep proving to me how much u all dun understand me.. 22 years and this kind of not understanding me shit is still going on.. Do i have to really kill myself so someone can understand me? I have no friends because i am always the second option i have no one to rely on and im tired to always keep a smiley face to everyone.. Im so tired of everything..

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Hi, jiayou mama!! The most important thing is not formula or breastmilk. You must remember, the most important thing in life is what you ve try your best to give ur child. Formula isnt that bad, nowadays even contain many2 nutrients. Everynight i gave formula to my baby. My friend who is doctor also gave his baby formula milk. So dont be too stress for given ur baby formula. Last time i also dont ve BM, i never feel frustrated or depressed for this thing. What i do is I eat alot, drink alot, i drink milo, eat bread,rice etc. N the only thing boost my bm supply is my MOOD. Trust me, if your mood and feelinh is good, ur supply will increase Me from 10ml per pumping to now 280ml per pumping. I didnt eat any supplement. What i do is keep my mood stable, "RELAX". As long as my baby is healthy, nothing wrong give him formula😊

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2y ago

Alright.. Will try to chillax.. Thank you 😊