What do you prefer to receive when your friends visit you after you give birth?

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Cash would be best as many times items bought are repeated. Otherwise can also contribute to the Cda fund. Alternatively ask the mom what she needs or is lacking :)

For myself, will be a massage treat or food that is good for confinement. For baby, baby diapers but to the specific brand my lo use. Save me trouble of travelling to buy diapers.

I had a friend who visited me during baby shower as she couldn't make it earlier on. Other then getting a toy for the baby. she got me a mummy rescue pack. Something she put together for me. - Sweets for energy - Mini perfume - Mini skin care and makeup for those emergency moments when i have guest appearing suddenly

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I think best thing is baby diapers because we will use them a lots

I would love a massage treat! For the baby, vouchers or cash would be good. Nice to start a fund for him, and also clothes, toys and books - we would have picked out the ones we wanted already by then!

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For baby, anything baby related would be good. Money or gift vouchers are always good but essentials like diapers, baby wipes and onesies would be great too. For myself, I'd love if someone could sneak me something I haven't eaten or drank in a while -- like a machiatto or sushi, just a tiny treat.

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Diapers & Milk Powder! If my friends would ask me, I would tell them things that I really need. I would rather they give me something useful then wasting the money on things that I would give away in the end.

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Honestly, if friends would ask us on what we do want as presents, we would say "diapers please" :)

The best gift for baby shower means getting the new mom something useful. It could be diapers, cartons of baby wipes, baby toys like a playmat or a cot mobile. If she is not a first-time mum, she might already have clothes and activity gyms. So it would be good to check with the recipient. When buying gifts for baby’s first birthday, consider getting gifts that increase the development of their fine motor skills and language. Gifts like shape sorters, stackers, ride-on vehicles and walkers are very popular among parents. Best would be CASH in terms of Ang Pows. Usually the ang pow rates vary between very good friends and acquaintances. It is always good to give ang pow if you are unsure what gifts to buy. Usually it ranges from $18 to $100.

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My best friend was so sweet that she actually asked me what I would love to get when she visits me next day after giving birth. I said I'd like to have sweets cause I believe I was really deprived to eat some when I was still preggo. LOL. So chocolate cake it was! But if for my baby, I'll be very happy to receive essentials for a newborn like diapers, wipes, soap, sponge and a like or used baby clothes (yea not necessary new as you know they will outgrow them too). Agree with Jacq that they need not to bring anything cos them visiting you is something already. ;)

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