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Hi, what diaper cream brand you recommend to cure diaper rash?

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Im a childcare teacher , and Ive worked with infants and toddlers for some years now and i find pureen diaper cream or drapolene is good because is oily based and it kinda helps with the friction when the child move around to compare with desitin the texture is kinda of dry but it does cure the rash fast. Is really you preferance though. if i have the option i will apply tiny bit of desitin at the rash itself and drapolene or pureen at the areas all around to make baby feel more comfortable. I also have some parents that prefer using vaseline and aloe vera gel. Hope you find this info useful .

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Hi.. U may try tapioca flour.. U can purchase at any supermarket.. Just spread at ur lo diaper.. Its very cooling.. And very fast heal rashes.. Its really works on my babies.. Ive recomended other mummies and received a positive feedback.. Give it a try 🙂 Its an old school method but its really good

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4y ago

Me too use corn flour... It's really work

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Desitin purple to dure diaper rash or for use at night. Desitin blue or extra virgin coconut oil at every diaper change. Make sure area is completely dry before putting on diaper. I use organic bamboo cloth wipes at home and use disposable ones only for poop or when we are outside. So far so good.

I have been using Soothie Woothie from Inara organics. You can check them out in their Instagram page. It’s great as it is organics and adults can use it too!

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Desitin purple for bad diaper rash.. Have trust this product for all my 5 babies.. Likely apply for mild diaper rash.. 😉

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Desitin blue if normal or not so bad diaper rash Desitin purple if its bad. Daily use, am using drapolene.

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Mamaearth diaper rash cream is best to cure diaper rash.It's organic, toxin free and very much effective.

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Desitin rapid relief. Really effective. Even a bad rash completely disappeared in 2-3 days

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Mustela is really good! I'm using it for my baby since birth. Can also treat insect bites.

3y ago

Thanks! Gonna make.good use of it 😉