Diaper rash cream

Please recommend good Diaper rash cream for my baby. he is having sensitive skin.

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if you are keen on trying natural formula check mamas chouce diaper cream… heard good reviews about it

You can use Desitin cream. It has in two different types purple and light blue.

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I think Desitin is the best cream so far for diaper rash!

Im using mustela vitamin barrier and it works well for my baby.

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To add on. when my baby’s bum is red, I will apply a layer of mustela cicastela recovery cream, let it dry abit and top it with the vitamin barrier cream. The cicastela cream is my holy grail, it’s works wonder. I used it on my baby’s face and all those little red dots or sensitive spot heals within a day.

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Sudocrem worked for us. Give it a try :)

Mustela works perfectly for my lo


desitin works for my kidz

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Bpanthen Is my fave

This is the brand.

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