Diaper cream for newborn

Hi, mommies recently my newborn baby have diaper rashes on his bum, do u recommend a good brand for diaper rash cream? As I am not sure the one I using causing this one

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I have been using pureen for all my babies, works really good for me. And for new born, i used huggies diaper brand. When he gets older then i change to a cheaper brand like drypers. And also u have to wash (like literally wash with running water )your baby bum after poo so there will be no residue left compared to using just wipes, thats important, sometimes the heatiness or the irritation is cause by the baby’s poo.

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From birth till 6 mths I'm using mustela. Is very gentle and soft cream base very suitable for newborn. After my boy start soild food. As the poop n urine will have more bacteria compare just drinking milk. I change to a stronger cream base. Desitin (blue tube for daily use) Desitin (purple tube when there are redness and rush)

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what cream are u currently using? tried drapolene but it wasnt so effective, so tried desitin and it worked! the one in purple is a stonger version than the blue. so u can try the purple one first and perhaps switch to the blue one once recovered. tried mustela barrier cream and it is also effective and good.

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3y ago

Same here I also try drapolene before. Not very effective for my boy too.

I’m using Densitin Daily Defence. But we noticed that my baby is sensitive to Pampers diapers even after applying the cream. So we keep on trying different diaper brands to see which one suits her best.

I use Desitin Daily Defence every day for rash prevention but if a rash does break out, I use Sudocrem to clear it. Usually within the same day or next 1-2 nappy changes will clear

I would recommend Desitin. Previously my son had diaper rash and I tried using a few other brand but not effective. So I tried Desitin and it took only one day to heal.

Thanks, maybe I will try different diaper brand as recently he use mommy poko then his bum got rashes, or maybe the Huggies diaper causing it

Desitin is very effective! My LO’s diaper rash cleared after one day. And it’s great in prevention too coz my LO rarely has rash

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Am using Mustela Barrier Cream since birth with no issues. for overnight I use Sudocrem for added protection.

Hi mommies my son rashes all gone now I use mustela