diaper rash

any diapers rash cream to recommend? my baby has quite a bad diaper rash ..

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Desitin purple- I apply this at night when my baby is to remain in same diaper for long. Desitin blue or coconut oil i apply at every diaper change. Make sure u dry the area completely before putting the diaper on. I use organic bamboo cloth wipes at home instead of the disposable ones which I generally only use for poop or when we are outside.

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My child has diaper rash. PD said to avoid diapers cream as it will worsen it. I was given the above by the PD. It helped and improved the condition.

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Desitin (purple). It helped my LO’s diaper rash and within 2 days, he completely recovered, on top of changing the diapers a little more frequent.

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Hello Bioderma is quite good .. as my newbie got rashes have used other well known brands but no change. But Bioderma helped a lot . U can try it

Mamaearth rash cream works effectively on diaper rash.It gives rapid relief from rashes and is totally toxin free and organic.

Sudocrem or Smoothie woothie from Inara Organics, my friend! Hope your baby gets better soon!

desitin blue first, don use stronger at the moment in purple unless no recover.


Qv diaper cream you can see difference i just 1 applied.

Search for alteya organics diaper rash cream. Magic.