What brand of wipes do u all use to wipe baby's mouth? I'm currently using LEC Japan wipes but thinking of keeping track of a few other brands so I can purchase whenever there are good prices. Thanks in advance!

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Moony and goon wipes is good like LEC pure water too. Moony can buy at lazada, the cheapest i got is $14-16 for a pack of 80*8. I usually buy qhen there is free shipping, they often have free shipping on app. And i always use it with discount codes too, additional discount why not. And remember to use shopback for rebates too! https://www.shopback.sg/?raf=4rlEy2 use this link to get your 1st $5, if you don't have an account yet. Goon can buy at baby fair, it's very cheap, $7.90 for 3 pack of 70. Maybe can see if lazada got sale or not. If that cheap also can buy. Huggies is good but easily torn so must be gentle when pulling. I try baby johnson, but i don't like it, it's too wet and soapy feel. (Just my thoughts, no often) hence, it's really good that you try out 1st. The above 3 brand is not very big size or heavy. Can use to wipe butts too if don't bring too many types of wipes out. Do ask the if the wipes is ok to wipe hand and mouth. Now most of the brand are ok to wipe hand and mouth too. Like organic story, nateen, their wipes are ok to wipe hand and mouth instead of poo only. And it's also very good to use too. K-mom is good too but a little too expensive.

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