What’s the best wet wipes for mouth

Hey mummies. I prefer to use wipes to wipe baby’s mouth after feed. Can share which wet wipes you use for baby’s mouth(preferable non fragrance) and do you use the wipes to wipe baby’s eye when there’s dirt? If not, what do you use? Thanks in advance!💖

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I use lec food graded mouth wipes no fragrance some out there taste bitter yes I actually took it to try. Lec so far so good

am using pigeon brand (: can wipe hands and mouth, also use it to wipe my baby's face

l use Pigeon hand and mouth wipes; for eyes I use damped cotton.

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Using dr Dudu pure water wipes. Able to use on anywhere!!

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if baby mouth to dirty, I will use nuk oral wipes.

i used Pigeon hand and mouth wipes.