What brand of wipes do u all use to wipe baby's mouth? I'm currently using LEC Japan wipes but thinking of keeping track of a few other brands so I can purchase whenever there are good prices. Thanks in advance!

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I'm currently using K Mom. I think the following brands are good too: -Natural organics (used the sample and find it good. Will be buying this in the future) -Moony (very soft and smooth)

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BeBeSup n huggies for me cos I believe wipes are most impt to note no harmful chemical n as natural as possible so tat it won't cause irritants or unnecessary rashes on LO gentle skin.

Am using Pigeon hand & mouth wipes since my 1st to my 3rd kid. just check the ingredients to ensure chemical free as no parents would want to damage their precious's skin

i use pigeon hand and mouth wipe just specially for cleaning mouth and hand at home, if outside i normally use nuk wipes as its slim in per pc packaging and easy enough to bring out

I use Jeju wet wipes, from Qoo10. I prefer that over Pigeon as it's moist, relatively good quality, not sticky on the hands and reasonable pricing. I use that during meal time too.

I'm using this! Smells good and it's very soft. Beauty language sells this at 3 for $10. But usually my Husband will order cartons from an online seller.

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I using organic story. like it so much cause it's organic gentle on baby skin. another is jeju wipes from Qoo1o cheap and good as well!

I using Pigeon newborn(silver packaging), this is ex but quite gd n soap free..thick, not too wet from a well-known brand..

I used natural organics and pigeon. you can stock up at baby fairs as they sell them in bulk so it's relatively cheaper!

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We bought cusson wet wipes from Jakarta and have been using that. It's super popular in Indonesia and very affordable