Tips Of Using Wet Wipes For Breastfeeding Mum

Hi mummies, are you able to share how to save using wet wipes? I average use 1 pack per day. Any tips of using it? When my little one poop poop ? I think 1/3 pack of wet wipes gone too. I think I'm quite scary of using wet wipes. Any good tips can share?

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Super Mum

Wow.. haha. Open up the wet wipe completely before using. Do big swipes so you clean a larger area with each wipe. Also, if after wiping once, there’s only slight stains, you can fold a clean part of the wipe over, and wipe another area using the same wipe. For pee, you should only use 1 wipe for diaper changes. For poo, for small amounts, maybe 2-3 wipes.. moderate amounts maybe 4-6 wipes. Large amounts, mostly 7-9 wipes.. if it’s a poonami.. with more coming out every time you wipe.. only then should you exceed 10 (max I used is maybe 13. That was a bad poonami. Hahaha)

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