What's the best way to prepare puree? Prepare in bulk and freeze or prepare freshly everyday? If I freeze them, what's the right way to thaw it? Lastly, what steamer and blender do you use? Thank you mummies and daddies!

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I am a SAHM for this half a yr but preparing in bulk is definitely a life saver otherwise u will find urself in an almost endless cycle of preparing and blending and cleaning up and attending to baby. I steam the traditional way in a bowl in a pot of water (I use induction cooker so it's v fast to heat up actually) and handheld blender. All components are fast and easy to rinse thru - that's why I didn't buy any of those steam/blend combo machines. Freezing does not affect the nutrients of the food if kept well - ziplock/sealed container - it can also last up to 3 months but best to use within a month. I just put he frozen cube in the milk storage container n into the bottle warmer to thaw/heat it up while I prepare baby and other stuff to feed him

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