What's the best way to prepare puree? Prepare in bulk and freeze or prepare freshly everyday? If I freeze them, what's the right way to thaw it? Lastly, what steamer and blender do you use? Thank you mummies and daddies!

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For me I tried to use avent blender to make purée for my gal initially. It was difficult as the portion is so small that the food can't reach the blades to blend properly. In the end I steam the food until it is very soft and then I use a wooden mashing stick and a Strainer to make the purée. I bought the pigeon food maker. The avent blender is actually good if huh are preparing bigger portions of food but for me I don't like to freeze food for my gal as I am afraid of contamination in the fridge so I don't prepare in bulk at all.

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5y ago

I had the exact same concerns