What can be the best breakfast that can be made in a jiffy and high on nutritional value? I feel too lazy to make anything for myself and most of the times go without having breakfast. I am lactose intolerant so please suggest something that is without milk.

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i always boil 2 eggs for myself and have it first thing in the morning. it is a great way to keep myself full and also get a dose of proteins. if you don't want to do it in the morning you can boil 4 to 8 eggs at one time and use them in the morning. vegetable dahlia is also a very delicious option, or vegetable idli. you can make some chila by just making a quick batter of atta, oats, besan and mix any chopped veggies in it or sometimes even add some leftover cooked veggies to give it a fun taste. i also love to soak black chana overnight and then have it boiled the next day.

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I think you can make oats adding vegetables in it. Since you are lactose intolerant, you can make salty oats. They are extremely nutritious. You can also substitute dalia with oats. I, myself too feel lazy to make breakfast for myself, so now that summers have started I either make lassi, or flavoured milk for myself. You can also eat sprouts. In this, you will hardly have to put in much effort. Take sprouts, add tomato or onion and cucumber in it with little lemon juice and salt and have it. It is best that you can have with least effort and extremely high nutritional value.

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Try oats, dahlia, boiled eggs, poha with chopped vegetables. Butter toast, butter milk, soaked almonds and walnuts along with whatever you eat. Or you can have a bowl of fresh fruits.