Feeding schedule for 1 year old

Hi mummies, My boy is 1 year old and I am a bit confused on how many times we need to give him milk when in the day should that be ? I have read that milk feedings can be reduced now so I am not sure how many times is ideal ? Can mummies please share there feeding schedule for 1 year old? Currently below is my feeding schedule : Wake up - breakfast - milk before morning nap - lunch - fruits in between as snack - milk before evening nap - dinner - milk before bed time #firstimebeingamother

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if you are giving formula, you may give them 3 times a day as per recommended in the packaging. i transitioned my baby to full cream so i gave only twice a day as i can't exceed 400ml per day so my schedule was: - > breakfast (biscuits or wtv i have) > milk (before first nap usually 12-12.30pm); (unless i have nth to feed her light, i'd give her milk instead) > lunch > snack (if any, most of the time i don't - depending if snack is available) > nap > dinner > last milk @ 8-8.30pm before sleep. when i had her have formula, this would be the schedule: - > morning milk > nap > lunch > snack (if any) > milk > nap > dinner > night milk ^ since she drank only a little and wanted majority solids, i decided to transition to full cream milk.

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no problem! hope this helps! 🥰

hi! I'm a FTM too! the schedule I have is pretty close to yours. my daughter is 18M now. when she was 12M, her schedule is like below, wake up - milk - breakfast - milk bef nap - lunch - snacks - milk before bedtime now cause she started school, her schedule is like below, wake up - full cream milk (mini size one) bef sch + snacks - reached school she'll have proper breakfast - lunch - milk bef nap - tea time - milk - reached home she'll have something, depends on her mood actually. there are days she'll want proper dinner so she'll have some pasta with veggie soup which is her fav. there are days where she just wants fruits and/or bread. and then another bottle of milk bef bedtime.

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Great thanks for sharing. I will continue what I do now then for my bub

Hi mummies, FTM here too. Chanced upon this thread and would like to ask the timing or duration of the feeding schedule? e.g. what time in between waking up milk and breakfast?

what's for lunch and dinner ?