What can be the best breakfast that can be made in a jiffy and high on nutritional value? I feel too lazy to make anything for myself and most of the times go without having breakfast. I am lactose intolerant so please suggest something that is without milk.

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i always boil 2 eggs for myself and have it first thing in the morning. it is a great way to keep myself full and also get a dose of proteins. if you don't want to do it in the morning you can boil 4 to 8 eggs at one time and use them in the morning. vegetable dahlia is also a very delicious option, or vegetable idli. you can make some chila by just making a quick batter of atta, oats, besan and mix any chopped veggies in it or sometimes even add some leftover cooked veggies to give it a fun taste. i also love to soak black chana overnight and then have it boiled the next day.

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