My 18 yr old son suffers from indigestion and heartburn in the morning. He's into the habit of not eating breakfast before going to college. And eating trash at erratic times. Pls suggest some remedy. Totally clueless on what to give him for breakfast also as he just doesn't eat

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the first thing you need to tell him is that he needs to start eating something in the morning, even if in a little quantity. the main reason for his heartburn is staying on an empty stomach. one home remedy that helps me a lot is to have a glass of plain chilled milk. it immediately eases the heartburn and any discomfort i may have felt. at this age, he really needs some good food and nourishment. he can have one or two plain boiled eggs, or a peanbut butter sandwich, or a quick grilled sandwich, or even a bowl of salad. if nothing else, you can hand him a small bowl of mixed nuts and dry fruits that he can munch on the go. for eating habits through the day, he will surely eat out at this age, but explain to him that one of the best ways to make sure he is healthy and his skin looks good (which is a big thing for teens) is to avoid oily and fried foods. he can also carry a few fruits to munch on. keep dinner times at home with foods such as lentils, soups, salads, non-veg, seafood, rice, roti and such.

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Well! I think, he needs to eat something or the other in the morning as he has already started suffering from indigestion and heartburn. If nothing at all, then you must tell him to have banana. Banana not only a good source of phosphorous but it also helps in relieving heartburn. But I think you must make him aware of the fact that if he will not eat on time, the problem of indigestion can become worse over the period of time. It can also turn into a problem called GERD. And then there will be so many restrictions in eating this food or that, which he would not like especially at such young age. Either drink shake, eat chapati, cheela, sandwich, fruits but one must eat breakfast for sure.

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Half glass of water, and half glass of milk and add one spoon of roofaza... Mix all these things... It helps to remove heartburn....