Obimins vitamin for trimester 2. What to eat for breakfast.

Hello Mommas,for obimin I understand that we cannot take dairy products 2h before and must be consume after breakfast. But what can I eat for breakfast as my breakfast always consist of milk, oats, bread, milo or can we eat at 11am ? Is it considered too late to eat at this timing since its nearing afternoon?

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Tbh I didn’t hear anything regarding not being able to take dairy for 2h before obimin and my gynae didn’t mention also. (However please stick to it if your gynae advised you to) I rarely have breakfast cause by the time I wake up….. probably 2-3pm already. I just eat what I want then take prenatal vitamins. Anyway, better late than never take. Can consider porridge, noodles, crackers, overnight oats.

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I did ask my doc about it.. she said “that’s the usual protocol to tell patients” but she say no significant impact… I take calcium tablets too, then nurses ask me separately eat vitamins in morning and calcium in afternoon, but doc say, if too much hassle, just eat everything tgt. Not much difference. My baby so far so good. In 35 weeks and growing healthily…

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I was also advised that I can only take diary products 2H after taking my Obimin (because cannot have too much calcium) Usually for breakfast, I will have just have toast bread with no drinks. If you want to have drink options, I would suggest to have soya milk or oat milk. For oat milk, I would suggest the brand Oatside.

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I ate bread and drank my oat drink and after which I will take the obimin. 2 hours later, if I am not full, I will eat light snacks but depends on the time. If its I drank milk or milo at 11am, I will space 2 hours apart and take my obimin after lunch.

yeah nurses told me same thing. initially I followed and only took soya milk, oat milk and sandwich or pie or wrap for bfast. Instead of dairy milk, you can take plant based milk. But on some days I have a Milo or cow milk and still are my obimin 🤣

I haven’t heard of this no dairy thing though. The gynae/nurses did not mention anything. I asked for restrictions and they only advised to eat it after breakfast. I drink soya bean/chocolate milk regularly for breakfast and its been fine!


Only instructions on the vitamins were to eat with food or after food, to my knowledge. I just have a mug of milo and take obimin

I’ve been taking obimin with milk all along😑 nobody said anything about not taking it together to me though

I usually have a cup of milo and take obimin. 2 hours later I have a light snack and take my calcium tablets! :)

ideally shouldn't take dairy with obimin. obimin contains iron and calcium interfere with adsorption of iron.