What are the pros and cons of circumcision?

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Are there any health benefits associated with circumcision? Circumcised infants appear to have less risk of urinary tract infections than uncircumcised infants. The risk of urinary tract infection in both groups is low. It may help prevent cancer of the penis, a rare condition. Some research suggests that circumcision may decrease the risk of a man getting human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) from an infected female partner. It is possible that circumcision may decrease the risk of passing HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases from an infected man to a female partner. At the present time, there is not enough information to recommend routine newborn circumcision for health reasons. Are there any risks associated with circumcision? Possible complications include bleeding, infection, and scarring. In rare cases, too much of the foreskin or not enough foreskin is removed. More surgery sometimes is needed to correct these problems. http://m.acog.org/Patients/FAQs/Newborn-Circumcision?IsMobileSet=true#with I have read several cases where baby get infection after the surgery. Thus for both of my boys I will not choose this surgery for them. I will leave it to them to decide when they grow up.

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For us Muslims, it is a tradition for males to be circumcized. It is believed that it is good for cleanliness (hygiene). Circumcision will allow the guy to easily clean his private part. The penis’ foreskin usually will gather some urine in its sac. Thus by removing the foreskin, it is believed to be much more cleaner as you have to be clean and rid of all najis (dirt) before the guy can perform his prayers. Aside from that, I cannot think of any other pros to get circumcized but personally irregardless whether I am Muslim or not, hygiene is definitely a sufficient reason. My son was circumcized at 2 months old at Doctor Sidek's clinic at Novena Medical. I paid about $50 after CPF. It was heart wrenching to heart my sok scream in pain and I can't do anything about it but wait outside the room (they don't allow parents in). But it is advisable for babies to get circumcized before they turn 3 months old so that the wound will heal faster. My son took about a week to recover.

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Circumcision is extremely controversial. I am against circumcision and other sorts of body modifications like piercings for infants who do not yet have the ability to voice out their decision. I gave birth to my daughter, but it does not give me the right to pierce her ears or modify her body without her expressed permission and intent. Medical professionals neither encourage or discourage routine circumcision for newborn males, so I would prefer not to do it. Instead, when I have a son in future, I would take extra care to clean his penis and teach him how to clean his own penis when he is able to do so. http://www.medicinenet.com/circumcision_the_medical_pros_and_cons/article.htm

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circumcision does have its pros and cons. the pros are that it helps the foreskin to retract naturally, and also prevents the risk of inflammation of the foreskin. it is also a good way to prevent cases of urinary tract infection. it also reduces the risk of STDs as well as HIV transmission. it also reduces risk of cervical cancer as well as cancer in the penis. the cons are that it can increase the risk of inflammation around the opening of the penis area.

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Netural on this. Personally I prefer men who are circumcised. When it's about my kids, ermmm...i freak out.