What are the pros and cons of siblings sharing the same bed?

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Hi, You know when I was growing up, though I had two elder brothers, we never shared a bed. We may have slept together on and off but never on regular basis. The main reason perhaps was that I am 7 and 9 years younger to them. So, they thought that if I will sleep in their room they will cannot talk and joke about the things that they must have been doing. But, I think it must be fun to share the bed when your sibling and you are around the same age. You can have your little fights before the sleep, teasing each other is more of a ritual that siblings enjoy than complain if you are sharing the same bed. Siblings can tell each other stories before sleeping and things alike. But I believe after a certain age, kids should be made to have their own beds. No doubt that they can share their the room but should have their own beds. As kids grow they want their private space with themselves and in whole day, being on the bed is the only time when they can have that. Plus, I will share an incident with you though I don't know how much truth it holds, but it really makes you think. I have a cousin who has one daughter and a kid who have approximately 3 or 4 years of age difference. When the girl was around 14 or 15 and the boy around 11, my aunt told that she does not like them sleeping together because she has seen them touching each other inappropriately. This can be true and may not be, but still I think we should give kids their own space, as kids often happen to get into touching each other in a wrong way because being kids they themselves are quite confused about the changes in their body and want to explore more. So, things actually happen out of curiosity and in the form of a play. And if we as parents are not alert, kids and we too find ourselves in an embarrassing situation. So, as kids start growing, it is advisable to let them have their own beds. And I would say, let them have their own beds from the very beginning. Let them share their room, sleep with each other for the story time and play but eventually let them go to their beds to sleep.

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Absolutely agree. Aside from any negativity that might happen by letting them share the same bed. It's also important for us to teach

Well, when they are young, sharing a bed can be comforting and fun especially close to bedtime. If they have nightmares at night, having a sibling nearby will be less of a traumatic experience. But as they grow older, it will less and less fun and the lack of personal space will be a problem. If one is sick, you have to make separate sleeping arrangements. Also, after a certain age, I don't think siblings will want to share a room anymore, let alone a bed. If you do want to get just one bed, may I suggest a bunk bed. At least they have their own sleeping space and still be close to one another.

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My kids share their bed and they enjoy the bonding and talking with each other. They feel secure around each other. They snuggle and sleep. Of course, they kick each other also in sleep!! As they start growing up, space becomes an issue.

I agree with Yuna. It's more of an advantage for siblings to share beds while they are young as it also brings them closer to each other. But as they grow older, they would need privacy also.