What are the pros and cons of an indoor playground?

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The reason why a few of my friends bring their children to indoor playgrounds is that the structures are designed to be safe for children. The playgrounds also allow their children to run around, climb up and down and expend much of their energy. The few of them usually arrange to go together for their children to play together while they get some time to “relax” and chitchat. The down side is that they are sometimes worried about the hygiene (got to do research well) and that it could be quite pricey. One of the places they prefer is Happy Willow (though it is quite small). They liked that the place also has a reading corner with books that parents can borrow to read to their children. http://www.happywillow.com.sg/

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I prefer to bring my kids to indoor playground compared to outdoor because: - cleaner than outdoor playground as outdoor playground is dirty and exposed to sun and rain without anyone cleaning them - safer than outdoor playground as the structure in indoor are safely designed and padded. Also, indoor playground is safety guarded and can't enter without paying so less worried of kids being carried away by people. - less risks of bacteria and virus spreading around. There are more cases of kids contacted hfmd virus from outdoor playground The major con is indoor playground is very expensive and is hourly basic while outdoor playground is free most of the time.

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Pros: 1.The risk for the injuries are comparatively less. 2.you don't have to worry about the weather . 3. Most indoor playgrounds have different arts and crafts curated for all sorts of kids including special ones so kids become easily adaptable to such environment. Cons: 1. expensive 2. Less exposure to sun(vitamin D) 3. More crowded than the outdoor spaces .

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More prone to spreading of germs, but is is definitely more comfortable with the air con!

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Less hot, sheltered, safer in some ways but very expensive! (:


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Risk of HFM/flu diseases