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Hi mommies, at what age do you all start solid food for your LO?

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From 6 months onwards. I gave my lo mashed banana with rice cereal to start with, then slowly with finely minced meat and threadfin fish flakes to add in porridge. I also subsequently introduced mashed pumpkin and sweet potato to the meal gradually later on. :)

2y ago

Not yet. Haven’t tried it :)

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Hi... start solids from 6 months. Read this article for some interesting recipes and food

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Started recently, baby is 4+ months.. PD said can start as my baby is ready. I’m giving her organic single rice cereal, mixed with milk.

By ages 4 months to 6 months, most babies are ready to begin eating solid foods as a complement to breast-feeding or formula-feeding.

Coming to 6mo, more of 5mo+, cos LO was getting hungrier by the day!

2y ago

Don't mention! Subsequently it was 10am fruits cereal, 2pm fruits cereal, 5pm veggies cereal (in between were milk time)

51/2 months after PD gave us the green light to start little bit

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I started at around 5 months plus. PD told me to..

2y ago

Organic rice cereal. Then intro veg puree..

Hi, I started 6 months onwards


I started yoghurt at 6 months

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Started at 6 months gradually