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Hi Mummies, at what age did you cook food with salt and sauce for your toddler?

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My girl is 22 months now. I’m still cooking food with no extra seasoning. You can cook with chicken bones or pork bones and the soup or porridge will be very flavorful. I feel she has a life time for salt intake, I’m not in a hurry to add salt. But when we eat out at times, then no choice.

Started at 15months but only used himalayan salt but still we add very little of it. I changed most of condiments at home for cooking too. Like now we use only coconut sugar. Olive oil. Most of the time we air fry if we they wanted something fry food to make sure no oil. Or bake it.

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My child is in childcare so i presume the food served there already have those seasonings. Therefore i try to minimise that in our homecooked food.

Currently 15 Mths, when I cook I dun put salt Nor sauce. But at times when we eat out, he will eat our food with salt but no sauce yet

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We just started around 18 months old for sauces (mainly only for cream/tomato based pasta), but still no salt or sugar :)

Mine is coming to 3 yo but still not using salt and sauce in her food. Only ikan bilis, mushroom and scallop powder

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Drag as long possible. My eldest is 7, we still use very Minimum . Veggies contain sodium alrd

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Haven’t started adding salt to my 21-month old girl’s food yet. Will drag as long as I can.

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Nope. All Food has natural salt content. I used wen's white bait powder for extra DHA n taste

If I cook it myself, I won’t add salt or sauce. But if eating out then no choice