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At what age did you give birth to your your kid(s)?

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late 20s. but i felt weak after gave birth. may be due to family history (my mom lost a lot of blood when she gave birth to me), i also loose quite some blood.. to the extend i couldnt stand up until the next day.

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38, 41 and another one on the way in January 2018. I will be 46...all perfectly healthy little miracles

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any tips? i have a friend trying super hard but so far still no luck. she 38 this year

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20 , gave birth to a daughter. 21 , to a son... pretty soon ☺️ due date is nearing

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24 to my 1st baby boy 26 to my 2nd baby boy Now 32 to my 3rd baby girl . Edd 20 July

First at 19, and now I expect the second one in two months. I'm turning 23 in a month

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Age is nt a problem, as long baby is born healthy! And mom is good!

Had my 1st at 33, 2nd at 35 and 3rd one at 39😊

My wife just turned 30 while expecting our first born

At 29 for the first child and 30 for the second child


#1 at 28 #2 at 31 #3 at 35 #4 at 36 edd in 1st dec

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